KU Newsletter (june 2016)
'Plus Semester' System Introduced at KU

In April 2016, Konkuk University (KU) unveiled the “Plus Semester” system that will be introduced the following year. As an alternative to the prevalent 2-semester, 4-year undergraduate programs, it will allow students to take initiative in designing their own curriculum. The innovative system is part of an effort to make university education more student-focused and tailored to meet changing industry demands.

KU students will be able to choose from a variety of programs, including the 2+One-Semester On-The-Job Training program, 3+1 Employment program, 7+1 Self-Designed Semester program, and 4+1 Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree program. The 2+One-Semester program allows students to gain work experience during the semester and take classes to fulfill course requirements for their majors during the vacation. For the 7+1 program, students will design their plans for external activities prior to the beginning of the semester. The activities are to develop expertise in areas of interest rather than being limited to opening a new business or finding employment. Once the plans are approved, students receive up to 15 credits once they submit completion reports. The Center for Integrated Science and Technology, which will include four departments in biotechnology and another four in engineering, will offer the 4+1 Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree program.

All KU undergraduate colleges are expected to have an academic advisor to support implementing the Plus Semester system.