KU Newsletter (june 2016)
KU Strengthens Ties with Chinese-speaking Regions

KU Signs Agreements with Three Taiwanese Universities to Exchange Students and Conduct Joint Research

During March 20-24, a Konkuk University (KU) delegation led by President Heeyoung Song visited Taiwan.

On March 21, the delegation met with President Hwang Chyi of National Quemoy University and agreed to exchange students. National Quemoy University is the only national university in Jinmen county and has 17 departments with 3,000 students.

The following day, the delegation met President Cheng-Hong Yang of National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences and signed a memorandum to also exchange students. The university became a national university in 1981 and has 18 departments, including mechanical and electrical engineering.

On March 23, President Song of KU and President Lee Tien-Rein of the Chinese Culture University renewed the agreement signed in 1994 by the two universities, which enabled 90 KU students and 87 Chinese Culture University students to participate in exchange programs. In addition, the two presidents discussed how to manage the Taiwan Education Center, which opened during President Lee’s visit to KU last December. The Chinese Culture University has 57 undergraduate programs, 39 master’s programs, and 10 doctorate programs.

“The new agreements not only enhance KU’s reputation, but also gives more opportunities for students and professors for exchange programs and joint research,” said KU’s Vice President for International Affairs Kwangsoo Kim. “In addition, they could provide a balance to the exchange programs with Chinese-speaking regions.”

KU and Hunan Normal University to Exchange Students

Konkuk University signed an agreement with Hunan Normal University to exchange students on May 11. The signing ceremony took place during a visit to KU by Mr. Li Min, Party Secretary of Hunan Normal University. Located in Changsha, the university has approximately 20,000 undergraduate and 9,000 graduate students as well as 1,000 international students. It is part of “Project 211,” an initiative by the Chinese government to raise 100 globally competitive universities for the 21st century. President Song had visited the university in April 2015.

From left to right: Youngdal Kim (Director at Konkuk University’s Office of International Affairs), Song Xuemei (Staff at Hunan Normal University’s Graduate School), Kwangsoo Kim (Vice President for International Affairs at Konkuk University), Wu Jiaqing (Dean of Hunan Normal University’s School of Marxism), Li Min (Committee Member of Hunan Normal University’s Administration Committee), Heeyoung Song (President of Konkuk University), Shen Youhong (Manager for Hunan Normal University’s Administration Committee), Li Zhongyang (Dean of Hunan Normal University’s polytechnic college), and Duan Wei (Manager at Hunan Normal University’s College of Life Science)

Nanjing University Representative Office Established at KU

On May 16, Konkuk University announced that Nanjing University’s representative office has been established on the second floor of the International House.

“Nanjing University has plans to expand in bioscience and medicine, and I look forward to collaboration with Konkuk University, particularly in stem cell research,” said Nanjing University Vice President Yajun Zou during his visit. “Given China’s aging population, Konkuk University Medical Center can also transfer its technology and knowhow in providing medical care to senior citizens.”

“Konkuk University is partnering with the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Germany for stem cell research, and we expect to increase synergy through cooperation with Nanjing University,” responded Dr. Jai Won Ryou, the dean of KU’s Graduate School.

“The representative office is a testament to the relations the two universities had since August 2010,” said Dr. Kwangsoo Kim. “I hope that with the representative office we can also exchange more students and develop our partnership.”

Nanjing University has three campuses with approximately 31,000 students. Within China, the university is well-known for its international programs. One of the country’s first universities to accept foreign students, it has been involved in academic exchange and joint research with close to 200 institutions in 30 countries since 1979. Konkuk University has been exchanging students with Nanjing University since 2011, with 31 KU students and 7 Nanjing university students participating so far.

From left to right: Xin Xu (Program Officer, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Nanjing University), Woonseok Yoo (Former Director, Office of International Affairs, Konkuk University), Youngdal Kim (Director, Office of International Affairs, Konkuk University), Kwangsoo Kim (Vice President for International Affairs, Konkuk University), Yajun Zou (Vice President, Nanjing University), Jai Won Ryou (Dean, Graduate School, Konkuk University), Hyun-jun Cho (Associate Dean, Division of International Studies, Konkuk University), Ho Chul Doo (Manager, Division of International Affairs & Services, Konkuk University Medical Center), Han-wool Kang (Coordinator, Office of International Affairs, Konkuk University)