KU Newsletter (june 2016)
Cover Story: KU Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

A ceremony to celebrate Konkuk’s 85th and the university’s 70th anniversaries was held on May 12. Approximately 1,000 participants, including faculty members, students, staff, and guests, attended the event at the New Millennium Hall. A screening of Konkuk's Past and Present, speeches by the KU Foundation chairperson and KU president, and special performances took place as the Konkuk community renewed its commitment toward “innovation in education.”

In her speech, Chairperson Kyung-hee Kim highlighted the significance of Konkuk’s history in serving the society and nation through education, and emphasized the importance of meeting the changing demands. Ms. Kim noted that KU was recently selected for the Program for Industrial Needs-Matched Education by the Ministry of Education, and was named a “University Leading in Entrepreneurship” by the Small and Medium Business Administration for the third consecutive year. President Heeyoung Song also urged the community to be mindful of KU’s history, spirit of patriotism as well as dedication to education and rural development. He said, “if all members work to the best of their ability, the 70th anniversary will become a turning point and an opportunity to set a new direction for the future.”

During the ceremony, faculty members and staff were recognized for their long-term employment at KU. Professor Sung Chil Yeo of the Department of Applied Science, Director Inwoong Kim of the law library, and 15 others received awards for working 30 years at KU. Eighty-two faculty members and staff, including Professor Young Bak Chang of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and Mr. Young Bong Kim, the director of the Career Development Center, were also recognized for their 20 years of service.

In addition, faculty members were awarded for their academic contribution, research, and teaching. Six prolific professors, including Professor Inseob Shin of the Department of Japanese Language Education and Professor Hyun-Dong Paik of the Department of Food Science & Biotechnology of Animal Resources, were recognized for their publications. Among the professors acknowledged for bringing in research grants and transferring technology were Professor Yoonchul Choi of the law school, Professor Youngmin Park of the medical school, and Professor Deokkun Oh of the Department of Convergence Biotechnology, and Professor Taekyu Park of the Department of Biotechnology.

A special achievement award was given to Professor Sang-Do Han of the Department of History, who also heads the Sanghuh Memorial Library and the Sanghuh Museum, for compiling Konkuk University’s 70 Years of History. Mr. Chanhee Park also received an achievement award for coaching KU’s golf team, which recently celebrated its 100th win.