Prof. Won Joon Kim Innovates Artificial Intelligence Focusing on Video Recognition
It is an era in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) recognizes and even analyzes pictures and videos. It is now developing its ability to perceive the real world while recognizing images as well as voices and scenes in videos. Video recognition, which Professor Won Joon Kim studies, is emerging as one of the major future technologies in the world.

Future Technology with High Demand from Industries
Prof. Kim is currently conducting research on AI focusing on video recognition. In particular, he focuses on deep learning for image recognition that can automatically comprehend a given scene, improvement of image quality captured in shaking or dark places, biometric facial recognition for high-intensity security and bio-image forgery detection including fingerprints. “The topics of my research are in great demand as they are applicable in various fields, such as autonomous driving and mobile devices,” Prof. Kim said.

Some interpret AI in a dystopian way as the era of AI develops. How does Prof. Kim perceive this view as an expert of AI? “Essentially, AI is developed for the convenience of our daily life. Although the industries of unmanned store, autonomous driving and companion robots are rapidly changing with the recent development of deep learning technology and emergence of algorithms at the level of human cognition, there are concerns about its side effects, for example, data forgery and job loss. However, we do not need to worry too much about them as long as there is systematic support since AI technology has more positive effects to improve and assist human life through the development of medical/diagnosis technology, disaster relief and automation of various industrial technologies.”

Basic Knowledge and Education System in the Era of AI
We have asked Prof. Kim about the basic knowledge that people should have in the rapidly changing era of cutting-edge engineering. “In the era of AI, it is highly important to have the ability to solve a given problem logically and implement them in practice using open sources. Especially, computing thinking and problem-solving skills through programming are becoming the essential abilities that everyone living in the era of software should have. “ Prof. Kim advises to use free programming languages such as Python, which can be easily used by the public, even if they are not engineering students.

There is a growing importance in the direction of engineering education in the era of new technology. What is ‘proper’ or ‘good’ engineering education that Prof. Kim defines? “The importance of education using SW is becoming higher in all fields of engineering regardless of major. It is necessary to provide systematic SW education instead of simple programming language education from the lower grades,” Prof. Kim said. In addition, he pointed out that it is crucial to build algorithms to solve problems logically and educate students to implement them effectively through SW. Prof. Kim added that, “Quality mathematics education at a basic level is also significant as the principles of mathematics play a major role in engineering education. Another important direction of engineering education is to meet the industrial demands through SW convergence creative/practical education reflecting the characteristics of each major field.”

A Groundbreaking Development of Daily Life
Prof. Kim stated his vision as a researcher that, “We will keep researching video-based AI that can dramatically improve the quality of our daily lives. In particular, we will focus on scene comprehension, behavior awareness, media quality improvement and biometric authentication to contribute to realizing an intelligent and trustworthy future society.”