Youngbin Choi from Department of Political Science Wins the Grand Prize
at 2021 Mock G20 Summit
Youngbin Choi from Konkuk University (Department of Political Science) won the grand prize at ‘2021 Mock G20 Summit’ jointly hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Korean Association of International Studies.

Youngbin Choi, 2 grand prize winners and 4 excellence award winners were selected at the awards ceremony held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Nov 17th.

As a winner of the two grand prize winners, Youngbin Choi will be qualified to attend the G20 Youth Summit (Y20) next year in Indonesia as a Korean delegation.

2021 Mock G21 Summit was held in October under the topic of ‘Recovery from COVID-19’ while the participating students actively discussed in three areas; △hygiene (plans to strengthen the multilateral health cooperation system to cope with future infectious diseases) △development (plans to achieve food security and sustainable development in developing countries form COVID-19) △ climate environment and energy (plans for green recovery through transition to a low-carbon economy)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is jointly holding the Mock G20 Summit each year with the Korean Association of International Studies to enhance university (graduate) students’ understanding of the G20, which plays a pivotal role as the top international economic cooperation leading the global economy.