Students from Division of Architecture Holds an Exhibition to Improve Residential Culture
Team WIKI-WALK consisted of students from Konkuk University’s Division of Architecture (Team Leader Won-jung Kwak) hosted an exhibition ‘Staying: Perhaps the Story of Our Lives’ at Common Ground in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul to improve residential culture.

The exhibition which will be held by 10th started from realizing the safety issue of the vulnerable class threatened by COVID-19. The purpose of the exhibition is to secure housing rights for the vulnerable and to solve housing problems in an architectural way.

The team was divided into a design team, a construction team and an exhibition planning team to voluntarily plan, design and construct the overall project and promote the exhibition. Based on the ‘WIKI-House’ open source, the team designed a module assembly-type pavilion and used factory manufacturing system as well as DfMA.

The exhibition is consisted of an external and an internal exhibition. Visitors can have various experiences at the pavilion of the external exhibition (held at MARKET GROUND of Common Ground). Meanwhile, the internal exhibition (held at the 3rd floor of STREET MARKET of Common Ground) shows the construction process of the pavilion and videos of the vulnerable class.

The WIKI-WALK team said, “We wanted to let people know the reality of the vulnerable class affected by COVID-19 while connecting it with our major,” and, “We hope that more people would be interested in housing issues and small changes would happen through the exhibition.”