The Inauguration Ceremony of ‘Digital New Technology Talent Nurturing Innovation Sharing University Project’ Hosted by Konkuk University for Immersive Media Sector
The inauguration ceremony of ‘Digital New Technology Talent Nurturing Innovation Sharing University Project’ participated by Konkuk University as a hosting university was held in Health and Nursing Hall at Cheonan campus of Dankook University.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Eun Hye Yoo, Deputy Prime Minister / Minister of Education, Kwang Bok Lee, chairman of Korea Research Foundation and Young Jae Jeon, President of Konkuk University.

The inauguration ceremony was strictly held in compliance with COVID-19 quarantine guidelines including online meetings discussed by the presidents of 46 universities participating in the project and the heads of each project. * building a shared university system for new technology * development and operation of a standard curriculum that can be shared *expanding educational options in the field of new technology *sharing and expanding business results were discussed in the meeting.

President Jeon said, “Throughout the project, we will establish a systematic cooperative system with participating universities and foster creativity-convergence talents leading the field of immersive media, the new technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

The project, which is led by Ministry of Education and Korea Research Foundation, selected each consortium in 8 new industry categories including Immersive Media (Konkuk University, the hosting university), Artificial Intelligence (Chonnam National University), Big Date (Seoul National University), Next-generation Semiconductor (Seoul National University), Future Automobile (Kookmin University), Biohealth (Dankook University), Intelligent Robot (Hanyang University, Erica Campus) and New Energy Industry (Korea University), and supports to establish a sharing university system by 2026. A consortium is consisted of 7 universities, and each consortium will receive a total of 81.6 billion KRW (10.2 billion KRW each year).

Selected as a hosting university in the field of immersive media, Konkuk University will establish a cooperative system with Kyung Hee University, Keimyung University, Pai Chai University, Jeonju University, Chung-Ang University, Kaywon University of Art&Design as well as industries, research institutes, conferences and private institutions. Konkuk University will also develop certification and degree courses by preparing online lectures, experiment and practice operation guidelines that can be shared among the universities in the consortium.

Taking responsibility for technology convergence education and operation of sharing university portals, Konkuk University fosters global creativity-convergence talents in immersive media sector by using spaces specialized in regions and industries for each university. Some of the businesses that Konkuk University manage are * Startups and operation of Startup Support Center for business education (Chung-Ang University) * Testbed for XR core technology education (Kyung Hee University) * Metaverse studio for design and practical education (Kaywon University of Art&Design) * Regional linkage for culture/art and immersive media education (Pai Chai University) * Content design education, solving community-linked social issues (Jeonju University) * International exchange and public testbed (Keimyung University).

Konkuk University and the participating universities operate specialized courses to provide education regarding technologies for immersive media, its content, human design education and business / startup education to enhance students’ competitiveness.

The basic curriculum of immersive media technology includes classes like Basic Immersive Media Programming and Immersive Media Core Technologies while the immersive media content and human design curriculum has classes such as Immersive Media Cooperation Project and Metaverse Content Design. In the startup curriculum, Konkuk University will open Basic / Intermediate Courses for Immersive Media Startups and Immersive Media Business Thinking 1·2.

The curriculums are structured in various types including linked major, minor, integrative major, accelerated BA-MA program and so on. Experts from related industries participate in each curriculum to support the following areas * ‘immersive media content competency’ regarding content design and composition * ‘immersive media human design competency’ regarding arts and cognition * ‘immersive media technology competency’ regarding video and AI.

The characteristics of the curriculums are that it provides education centered on domestic and international standard competency through Capstone project related to industries and introduces demand-based field education through self/industry-designed curriculums. Konkuk University will strengthen competitiveness for various international exchanges and global mindset based on joint operation of international exchange, training and curriculum. It will also implement 4+1, 2+2+1 system (available from participating universities connected to other graduate schools) which is mutually recognized among the participating universities.