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Office of Int'l Affairs Greetings from the VP


MinKyoung Kim, Ph.D.

Vice President for
International Affairs
Konkuk University

The Office of International Affairs would like to welcome all of you to Konkuk University!

The Office of International Affairs assists the globalization of Konkuk University by promoting vibrant joint research activities and student exchange programs with world-leading universities and research institutes around the world, bringing positive changes to the global society. By expanding KU’s international partnership and student exchange activities with prestigious partner universities via dual degree, exchange, visiting, short-term, and internship programs, we are striving to offer extensive opportunities to students for academic and cultural experiences.

We, however, cannot stop here. We desperately desire to become the paragon of higher education in Korea, under the inspirational leadership of the president of KU, Sang-Gi Min, and to nurture outstanding students so that they can be the engine in the future global community. We believe that globalization of KU would greatly assist in realizing our dream, and therefore the mission of the Office of Interantional Affairs lies in boosting the globalization of KU.
The Office of International Affairs focuses on three main strategic initiatives.

First, we will promote vigorous academic exchanges with highly recognized universities and research institutes around the world and foster various vibrant student exchange programs in order to generate outstanding future talents.

Second, ‘Global One Campus’ will be established and used as a bridgehead for KU globalization to meet ‘Konkuk’s 100th year’ as a globally respected university. ‘Global One Campus’ will be recognized as a unique platform for remarkable international exchange programs which dramatically enhance research performance and student career development.

Third, the Office of International Affairs will provide user-friendly one-stop services to support international students attending in Konkuk University in all aspects of life in Korea. We will provide English-track courses and will greatly expand classes taught in English in order to attract outstanding degree-seeking international students and to provide friendly environments for international students. Through these endeavors, KU is inviting exceptional students around the world and setting a firm educational foundation for not only gaining advanced knowledge but also sharing different cultures and values.

The Office of International Affairs at KU will continue international exchange and cooperation commensurate with the University’s eminence, making substantial assistance toward the globalization of KU. We appreciate your sustained interest and support for our endeavors.

The Office invites you to continue to explore various resources on this web-site. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact the Office directly.

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