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Int'l Winter Program Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Students can participate in various extracurricular activities planned and guided by International Student Volunteers (ISVs), who are Korean Konkuk students. There will be opportunities to visit downtown areas of Seoul and enjoy winter activities throughout the country with Konkuk students and your international classmates.

Program Dates Schedule
2-Day Field Trip Dec. 22-23, 2016
  • Trip to enjoy Korea’s beautiful winter scenery
  • Participate in winter sports, including sledding and/or skiing
Cultural Programs Dates vary
  • Learn how to make Korean food and experience traditional folk art
  • Visit palaces and museums in Seoul
Activities with ISVs Dates vary
  • Visit “jjimjilbang,” known as Korean-style spas
  • Enjoy fun rides at Lotte World, Korea’s largest indoor amusement park
  • Watch a K-pop show live

※ Note: The schedule is subject to change, and additional fees may be required for certain optional activities. Please note that students must have international health and travel insurance to go on the field trip.

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