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Int'l Winter Program Visa and Housing

Visa and Housing

From June 1, 2016, all IWP participants have to apply for a D-2-8 visa at the nearest embassy or consulate general in their home countries.

  • The D-2 Study Abroad visa is for students seeking higher education in Korea. The visa is further categorized by type: D-2-2 for undergraduate programs, D-2-3 for master’s programs, D-2-4 for doctoral programs, D-2-6 for exchange student programs, and D-2-8 for short-term programs.
  • It is extremely important to prepare relevant documents for the specific type of visa you are applying for.
  • The application process and issuance may take several weeks. Students are strongly advised to proceed with their application as early as possible.
  • KU does not guarantee visa issuance for program participants. Korean embassies or consulate generals overseas have the final authority to issue a visa.
  • Please contact the nearest Korean embassy or consulate general in advance to avoid any confusion before applying for your visa.
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