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Exchange Student Program Accepted Students

Accepted Students

All accepted students for the KU Exchange Student Program :
  1. Will receive an acceptance package from your home university’s exchange student coordinator or study abroad advisor. The package contains information necessary for you to arrive at KU.
  2. Have to apply for the Student Exchange Program Visa (D-2-6) at the nearest Korean embassy or consulate general in your home country.
    • The D-2 Study Abroad visa is for students seeking higher education in Korea. The visa is further categorized by type: D-2-2 for undergraduate programs, D-2-3 for master’s programs, D-2-4 for doctoral programs, D-2-6 for exchange student programs, and D-2-8 for short-term programs.
    • It is extremely important to prepare relevant documents for the specific type of visa you are applying for.
    • The application process and issuance may take several weeks. Students are strongly advised to proceed with their application as early as possible.
    • KU does not guarantee visa issuance for program participants. Korean embassies or consulate generals overseas have the final authority to issue a visa.
    • Please contact the nearest Korean embassy or consulate general in advance to avoid any confusion before applying for your visa.
  3. Have to arrange flights to Seoul, Korea.
    • Students should book their flights after receiving the acceptance package from KU. They should pay for the flights upon receiving the visa.
    • Students must arrive before the New Student Orientation.
    • All dormitory applicants must arrange their arrival according to the check-in period. They should arrive during daytime.
  4. Have to submit the Arrival Information Form before departing their home country.
    • All students will receive the Arrival Information Form by email, and must submit the form with their confirmed flight schedule.
    • The form will be used for the New Student Orientation, dormitory check-in, and other programs offering assistance on the first day of arrival.
    • KU does not offer airport pick-up. Students must arrange their transportation from the airport to Konkuk by themselves. KU will send out transportation-related information in July.
  5. Have to purchase the overseas health insurance which covers the duration of the program.
    • Students must purchase overseas health insurance in their home country prior to departure.
    • Exchange students who have purchased overseas health insurance are required to submit a copy of their insurance policy to KU at the New Student Orientation.
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