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Undergraduate Academic Calendar


Date Schedule
2014 FEB 24 Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony
  FEB 24~25 Dormitory (KU:L House) Check-In (Foreign students)
  MAR 01 Independence Movement Day (Holiday)
  MAR 03 Start of 2014 Spring Semester
  APR 07 One-third into the Semester
  APR 21~25 Midterm Exam Week
  MAY 05 Children’s Day (Holiday)
  MAY 06 Buddha’s Birthday (Holiday)
  MAY 14~16 Konkuk University Festival
  MAY 15 Konkuk University Foundation Day
  JUN 06 Memorial Day (Holiday)
  JUN 21~AUG 31 Summer Vacation
  AUG 15 Independence Day (Holiday)
  AUG 22 Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony
  AUG 25~26 Dormitory (KU:L House) Check-In (Foreign students)
  SEP 01 Start of 2014 Fall Semester
  SEP 07~10 Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) (Holiday)
  OCT 03 National Foundation Day (Holiday)
  OCT 07 One-Third into the Semester
  OCT 09 Hangul (Korean alphabet) Day (Holiday)
  OCT 20~24 Midterm Exam Week
  OCT 29~31 Fall Art Festival
  DEC 15~19 Final Exam Week
  DEC 21~MAR 01 2015 Winter Vacation
  DEC 25 Christmas (Holiday)
2015 JAN 01 New Year’s Day (Holiday)
  FEB 18~20 Lunar New Year’s Day (Holiday)
  FEB 23 Commencement (Graduation) Ceremony
  MAR 01 Independence Movement Day (Holiday)
  MAR 02 Start of 2015 Spring Semester


1. This calendar is subject to change as necessary.
2. For information on other events relevant to you (course registration, orientation, etc.), please
   contact the administrative staff of your department (office).