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Department of Advanced Technology Fusion

Konkuk University (KU) Department of Advanced Technology Fusion was founded in 2003 as Korea's first interdisciplinary program combining BT (biotechnology), IT (information technology), NT (nanotechnology), ST (aerospace technology), ET (environment technology) and CT (cultural technology). The department has been working on the development of new added-value producing fusion technologies through a synergetic partnership with new and other technology fields while operating as an independent department.

Since its selection as the 2nd stage Brain Korea 21 (BK 21) project in 2006, the Department of Advanced Technology Fusion implemented a program for fostering master's and Ph.D. graduates until 2012. In 2010, the department reorganized its academic majors into the areas of iMNS (Intelligent Micro & Nano Systems), iBT (Intelligent Bio Technology), iIT (Interdisciplinary Information Technology) and iET (Informative Environmental Technology) in order to specialize its research for the extensive field of technology fusion.

Furthermore, the u-City specialist program was added for the purpose of fostering technical professionals in construction, environment, and energy for the ubiquitous project of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and in order to create more specialized interdisciplinary fusion major programs. Our department runs practical, advanced courses to educate high-standard technology fusion specialists. Courses that connect education, research, industry and the academia are offered, including seminar-style participatory classes involving professors and students from various major programs, research linked to large-scale national projects, and exchanges with industry professionals. The department at present consists of eight full-time and four adjunct professors devoted to education and research; from 2014 onwards, the department will offer courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels together with the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at KU College of Global Integrated Studies.

The two objectives of the Department of Advanced Technology Fusion are: 1) to foster experts in cutting-edge technology fusion through the creation of a world-class postgraduate curriculum and 2) to play a central role in education and research on the latest technology fusion among the top universities and research centers in both Korea and overseas.

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