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Department of Electronic, Information & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronic, Information & Communication Engineering at Konkuk University (KU) comprises both master's and Ph.D. programs. The master's program aims to develop students' research abilities in regard to new forms of research technologies, their content and related trends. Student enhance their understanding of more complex theories of electrical engineering and information and communication technology, while studying their designs and analyzing their content. In the Ph.D. program, a more in-depth level of research is conducted into the fields of electronic/communication and information based on fundamental knowledge and application techniques learned in undergraduate and master's courses. The aim here is to foster research staff with creativity and originality, capable of producing research outcomes that benefit society in the information age.

Students of the master's and Ph.D. programs have their tuition supported by working as either class or research assistants, and are able to participate in research projects as a result of their affiliation with the postgraduate lab of the Department of Electronic, Information and Communication Engineering. In addition, through joint research projects involving the industry/academic/research fields, students are able to build necessary practical experience in regard to the research process, and have ample opportunity to utilize new research equipment provided at businesses and research centers.

The educational objective of our department is the fostering of competent professionals in electronics/information and communications capable of making significant contributions to the information age. This is achieved through an extensive understanding of relevant fields and the development of students' ability to creatively resolve complex problems in these fields.

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