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Department of Arts & Crafts

The Department of Arts and Crafts at Konkuk University (KU) concentrates on studying and creating arts and crafts using the two principal materials of nature: pottery and metal. As craft has evolved into a basic element of human life, this academic field builds an understanding of the relationship among the nature of craft, design and fine arts, craft that have been incorporated into manufacturing, service, and culture, and develops the characteristics of arts and design for the enrichment of our society.

The objective of the course in crafts, based on the fields of art and design and the incorporation of elements of art, technology and the humanities, is to contribute to social and cultural development by suggesting new forms of value. Courses offered allow students to demonstrate their competencies in regards to rational design development and planning in order to meet the demands of modern life. Finally, the curriculum offers education programs designed to achieve the objective of fostering artists, designers, business managers, administrators as well as educators based on the needs of the modern era.

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