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Department of Design

Industrial Design Major
The objective of Konkuk University's (KU) Industrial Design Major is to train professional designers who lead innovation through design, equipped with an expanded role in the fields of industry, education, administration and the public sector. This major gives students the opportunity to conduct research into industrial design and carry out projects that enable them to deal with the fast-paced changes of the design environment. The industrial design major fosters students' distinctive design development and planning capabilities through an integrated education involving engineering, marketing and liberal arts based on the understanding of humans and society.

Environment Design Major
The objective of the Environment Design Major is to educate professional designers with profound methodological and background knowledge, assisting them to identify creative solutions to problems using designs that target the environment and space which humans inhabit. This major covers environment and space-related design issues including human behavior, perception and the composition of space. This major is intended to provide students with insights into environment design along with research into the digital environment and space design.

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