KU Newsletter (september 2016)
KU Center for Integrated Sciences and Technology Recognized as Korea’s Grande École

Earlier this year, Konkuk University (KU) was selected to join the Program for Industrial Needs-Matched Education, a government initiative also known as the PRIME project. KU is expected to receive up to 450 billion won in government funding by 2018, and plans to establish the Konkuk Institute of Technology (KIT) to train and prepare students for industries with significant growth potential.

Against this backdrop, the five-year BS/MS program offered by KIT is being recognized as Korea’s grande école especially in light of the Ministry of Education’s recent plans to improve graduate-level education. In France, grandes écoles offer programs in business, engineering, public administration, and other specialized fields with its basic degree equivalent to a master’s degree.

Given Konkuk’s strong tradition in biosciences and IT, the center is expected to offer an exceptional program through which students will be able to study emerging topics at the forefront of science and technology. KIT will include four departments in biotechnology and another four departments in engineering, and students will be able to pursue a degree in energy engineering, biomedical engineering, stem cell regeneration, smart cars, cosmetics, among others. A biomedical engineering student, for example, may explore molecular and nano diagnostics, radiology, and preclinical trials to develop expertise in smart healthcare.

Generous scholarships will be available for the five-year program. During their master’s programs, tuition is exempted for all students. A number of students will also receive a deduction in tuition for 1-2 years as well. In addition, undergraduate students will be eligible to apply for research stipends, and new scholarships for internships and study abroad programs have also been established.

“When Konkuk was planning for the PRIME project, we recognized that undergraduate education alone may not be sufficient to raise leaders who can bring changes to the industry,” said President Sang-gi Min. “This is why we chose the name “Konkuk Institute of Technology” instead of establishing an undergraduate college or graduate school, and we hope that it could contribute to fostering experts through academic and practical training.”