KU Newsletter (January 2016)
KU Releases New Emblem for its 70th Anniversary

On December 9, 2015, Konkuk University (KU) released a new emblem for its 70th anniversary. The emblem includes a symbol mark that combines the image of the Chosun School of Politics, KU’s predecessor, and the number 70. Underneath is KU’s slogan “Pride Konkuk” and “70 Years of Leadership.” The original building for the Chosun School of Politics is also known as the Sanghuh Hall after the pen name of Dr. Seok-chang Yoo, KU’s founder. Currently used as a museum, it symbolizes KU’s origins and rich history of educating leaders for the nation according to the virtues of sincerity, fidelity, and righteousness.

Today, KU is viewed as the university with the “most dynamic developments in the past 10 years,” and continues to build its brand through innovations in research and education as well as through improved international reputation. KU plans on holding multiple events throughout 2016. In May, a ceremony celebrating the 70th anniversary, an unveiling ceremony for the second ox statue, and performances will be held. An academic symposium with scholars from all over the world is scheduled for August and various exhibitions and cultural events are expected to take place.